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Financial information at a glance

Check the financial situation of any Belgian company in seconds
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annual accounting in Excel
Report in customized dashboard
in customized dashboard
Automate and integrate our data into any system using api's
and integrate out data into any system using api's
Retrieve financial data

Administrative and financial data at a glance

Using Fincheck you can retrieve financial data, administrators, linked companies, Belgian Official Gazette publications and addresses of any Belgian company or establishment

Download annual accounts as an Excel file

Fincheck lets you convert and download annual accounts to Excel. Full statements, abbreviated schema’s and microschema’s are supported. The Excel file has tabs for each of the financial statement sections: Balance Sheet, Income Statement (Profit and Loss statement), Appropriations Withdrawings, Disclosures, Social Balance Sheet and a sheet containing Identifying Data. Fincheck is an online tool that lets you open an xbrl file in Excel.

Translate annual accounts to English, Dutch, French and German

Through a simple selection, you can translate any NBB formatted financial statement to English, Dutch, French and German.

Automate Financial Analysis

You now have a tool that calculates financial ratios and KPIs for you: Liquidity, Efficiency, Performance, Profitability, Operating Efficiency, Financing, Productivity and Social Balance ratios, next to Vertical Reviews and Horizontal Reviews on the Balance Sheet and Income Statement
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